I Love Summer.

The Truth Project has been the greatest study I’ve been involved in thus far. It’s challenging; the questions that are asked are great questions. I typically spend most of the following week answering them because really, they take a little more thought than the typical question. =P Who is God? Try answering that one. Give that one some killer thought and then try and answer it. It’s a pretty huge answer..

Steak & Shake runs have been a blast as well. It’s kinda depressing to know that in a few months, we all part again and I don’t see some of my best friends for another school year. =/ We just don’t get to hang out like this on breaks, really. Brian drove my car to & from S&S last night so it was good to catch up with him. Well.. heck.. then we sat outside in the church parking lot talking until 2 A.M. I’ve missed talking to him. We haven’t talked for a long amount of time like that in .. well ..  a few years. It was nice to catch up. He’s changed. A LOT. Definitely in a positive way. It blows my mind how he’s the exact same, with some major differences… if that makes sense. =P We still aren’t friends. =P We’re almost-friends. We probably never will be friends if you ask him. =P Big surprise. =P

I’m back on second shift! =) That means that when I wake up, I lay out for a few hours, and then I get ready for work. =) It’s really a great thing. =) One bad thing: I never get to hang out with Chris & Dawn anymore. =/ Saturday nights are the only chance I’ll have, and that’s saying that one, I don’t have to work overtime. Two, it’s one of two nights I get to hang out with my close friends. I get off at 11, so hanging out with people is a little difficult. Not too bad, but still..

I’m considering some relatively huge changes in my life. Said changes will require a lot of prayer, first of all, and thought & insight from others second. I’m not sure if God’s pulling me in a different direction or what it is, but it seems like a change will be coming up soon. Maybe I’m wrong.. It just seems like a whole bunch of different arrows are pointing in directions I never thought I’d see. I guess we’ll see what happens..

Other than spending time with God, spending time with friends, and working.. life isn’t overly exciting right now.. Which is nice! Although I guess I forgot to mention something.. I’m a bridesmaid in Parker & Ellen’s wedding. =) We’re having a dress-trying-on party sometime soon. The two dresses she’s chosen are adooooorable. =) Dark purple! They’re really pretty. She’s letting us choose which dress of the two styles we like the most. They aren’t very expensive either. Thank you, Ellen. =) Breanna’s wedding is most likely going to be in either April or June, so there’s another wedding. Which, if that’s the case, I wish the Klinkster would hurry up and propose. =P We have planning to do! lol. I figure if I’m not going to be able to plan my own wedding til I’m almost dead (lol) that I might as well be there for two of my best friends and help them as much as possible. =P Please.. no one else get married next summer. =P I’m starting to love weddings. AAAAAAH!!!!! Actually I just love knowing that two people have found their soul mates. I’m 100% positive that the two weddings I was at this summer, and the two weddings next summer, will last forever. All four are very God-centered and they just.. fit, you know? Adam & Breanna are the greatest couple I’ve ever seen. Bre has gone through a lot and deserves a guy like Adam. He’s wonderful. He’s extremely respectful, caring, he guards her, laughs with her, prays with her. AAAAH I love it! =)

Oooooookay gotta go get ready. Work. Ugh. Bye. =/


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