Submission. Something God ordained as glorious has been ruined by the world’s viewpoint. Submission is not a bad thing. Yeah, that just came from ME. =P Clearly we’ve come leaps and bounds in the past few years.

I’m talking about submission within a marriage relationship. So many females tend to think submitting to their husbands is a bad thing, when in fact, it’s absolutely beautiful. When you know you can trust someone enough, and know they love you no matter what, to where you are at the point of being able to say, “If this is what you think is best, then I’ll respect and trust that viewpoint.” and you go with it, wow. Wow. =) This is why I’m becoming extremely .. picky, if you will, in who I consider dating. I will not discuss (let’s go a step further) marriage with someone who I’m unwilling to submit to. Submitting to a man doesn’t mean meeting his every want and desire. It’s recognizing the fact that God has called him to be the head of a relationship and to look after the wife and defend her in a very holy and righteous way. Ladies, if you’ve found a man willing to do that, why would you not submit to what he says? Why would you not believe he truly has your best interest in mind? It sickens me the way feminists (of which I am NOT) have filled females’ heads full of this crap of independency and self-sufficiency to the point of not needing a man. Granted, I am ALL for females being self-sufficient, but we’ll get to that. Maybe you don’t “need” a man in your life, but stop it with this crap of thinking you need no one in your life. You were NEVER meant to be alone. God didn’t create one person in this world to be alone. We consider some people to be flat out strange and sometimes mentally ill, when, well, if we look at their lives, are they alone? If they have no one else in their life because they’ve been shoved out of the lives of others, it’s no wonder they go off the deep end! Looking back over the past few years and my immature thinking of, “I’m just fine with being alone and it’s what I want. I don’t need anyone. Period,” I’m amazed at how stubborn I was. In all honesty, I sit back and laugh about it.  Was I really so blind? Maybe I wasn’t blinded.. I was fooled by society into thinking that total independency was what I needed to have. As female-ish as this sounds (yes, I do have slight problems with being too girly. But maybe this is just more a sign of maturity than anything), I have no desire to be alone for the rest of my life. I want that companionship with someone. I want to be able to trust them completely. It baffles my mind that so many women, even Christian women, today are forgetting this extremely beautiful aspect.

But let’s not think that just because he’s supposed to be your defender and the bread-winner that you sit back and just say I love you. Have you read Proverbs 31??! We have a huge roll to fulfill. Self-sufficiency is QUITE important, as is caring for your family (if there is one). I’m not sure what the big deal is with wives being domestic. If both the husband and wife are working, I believe it’s important for them both to take on household responsibilities, but if she isn’t working, then caring for children, cooking, cleaning and so on should NOT be something she complains about. No, I’m not siding with chauvanistic males on this one. If he’s out working all day, then really, what’s the big deal in this issue? If you have a biblical worldview, this should not be a problem. I’m so fed up with listening to females who complain about their roles as a mother and wife, ESPECIALLY Christian females. Allow me to be VERY brass for a moment: Go read Proverbs 31 and knock off your whining. Sheeeeesh..

Submission has been a pretty significant topic of interest to me lately. Not just in a relationship with a guy, but especially in my relationship with God. If he wants me to do something, then I need to do it, not just sit back and let it pass. Even the small things.. Y’know, like reading the Bible on a nightly basis. I’ve done fairly well with that this summer, but it can always use improvement.
Submission in a relationship. Kay. lol. Relationships are starting to look quite different to me lately. I’m done with any sort of pursuit of a relationship. I made an agreement with God that I would not pursue anything for a year. If I was pursued by some incredibly off-beat chance, then yes, I will give consideration. But I myself will not try to make something happen. Along with that, I have to be willing to submit to the person I date. That may sound like I’m jumping ahead of myself, but chances are, I already know the person as a friend and know how we get along. If it’s someone whom I cannot take seriously enough to submit to, then it just won’t happen. Just one of a few decisions that have been made lately..

I could ramble on for about twelve more hours. So I’ll be done. =)

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