Major Changes & Good Byes..

Well. I haven’t yet changed classes, but as far as decision-making goes, I’m changing my major.

Music education to music ministry and missions. This has been one of my focuses this summer because although I had an absolute BLAST with O&P and truly thought I was doing the right thing, there was still a part of me that was asking, “You’re REALLY sure about this?” After much praying, talking, and thinking, it’s been made very clear that this is the next step for me. I have no doubt in my mind that I was where God wanted me this year. None whatsoever. From the people I met, relationships I built, classes I took, so on and so forth, everything was a stepping stone. I don’t find it ironic at all that roughly 95% of my classes I took this year will be needed for my ministry degree. However, out of the ones that DIDN’T transfer, ironically enough, they all had moments that lead up to this. =) How cool, huh? =) Plus, they’re classes that will be beneficial, believe it or not. God is so freakin’ cool. =D I’m really excited but scared half to death with this whole thing. If you want to know the entire story, feel free to ask. But for some reason, right now I’m just too tired to type the whole thing (not much sleep last night + a 5 A.M. start today = one tuckered lil’ girl).

Frances’ visitation was tonight. It was so awful to see her lying there lifeless. It was definitely her time; her health hasn’t been very good the past few months and she was unresponsive for a number of days when her organs started shutting down. But she’s one of those people I’ve always known. I grew up seeing her at least once a week (church on Sunday) and oftentimes I’d see her more than that. For the past few years she’s sent me a number of cards to check in on me and see how I’ve been doing.. The most recent was this spring when she wrote to congratulate me on singing at the Crystal Cathedral. It’s weird to see someone and laugh with them one day, and then another day you’re standing in front of their casket wondering why them? Her visitation was surprisingly upbeat – the way I can guarantee you she’d want it. But it took everything in me to not cry. She was one of the people who started building my Christian faith at a very young age. She was a wonderful example of how to be like Jesus. I can remember her organizing a lot of Habitat for Humanity things although she couldn’t do any of the physical labor.. She called me a number of times to help her out with things and of course I did. Frances was one of those people you just wanted to be around. She was about 5’0″, if that. =P And firey. Oh dear. lol. Three very wonderful individuals have died just this summer. Two of which were building blocks of my faith. The other was ridiculously wise about life and how to face it. It’s been a great summer, but there have been some definite low points.

Clearly three deaths have been low points, but there have been other points as well. I’ve found myself very frustrated with how certain things have played out. Some things I could control, but others I couldn’t. Obviously the ones I couldn’t are the ones that hurt the most, so to speak. I still don’t understand why God allows certain things to happen. I think that’s one of those things I never WILL understand, and that’s okay. But I really do want to work on how frustrated and/or upset I become. Sometimes that’s really hard as well. Like now.

Work this past week was a blast. I was on a different shift, which meant different people. Any time I get to work with Rodrigo, I’m thrilled. Very few people can make me smile for no apparent reason, and he’s one of them. We say the dumbest things. Probably because we don’t understand what the heck the other one’s saying half the time. =P He knows english VERY well (being married to a white chick who doesn’t know Spanish helps that a lot lol) and I can still carry on a small conversation en espanol. He’s one of those people that’s always happy. You can’t help but be in a good mood around him. He’s a genuinely nice guy. He’d do anything for anyone the second they ask and he’s unfathomably polite. And like I said, we laugh at absolutely nothing & everything. Half the time I think it’s the facial expression the other one makes. =P  I met another friend. His name’s Dave. He’s hispanic as well & he’s a driver with Rod too. He’s a little crazy, but still cool. =P I’ve met some really awesome people working at Donnelley’s. Yeah, some are as blue-collar as they come, but they’re nice people. It may be repetitive & boring at times, but the laughs I’ve gotten out of it have DEFINITELY been worth it. Zero drama, all fun. Well. Not ALL fun because we still work. lol. But we’ve had fun along the way. =) I told Chris last night that I should be fired. I’ve had way too much fun this week and that isn’t allowed. =P It’s a shame that the 14th is my last day. =/

The summer isn’t quite winding down yet, but it is starting to slow a little. I still have a month to raise some havoc. =) And yes. I fully intend to do so. =)

WORLD PULSE FESTIVAL NEXT WEEKEEEEEEEENNNNNDDD!!!!!!! =D Jeremy Camp. David Crowder. Hawk Nelson. Aiyesha Woods. All in one day. Life is good. 8)

Okay.. gotta bounce. Reading & then getting my b e a u t y sleep on for tomorrow.


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