Knowledge vs. Action. DO SOMETHING.

I’ll cut to the chase: You can have all the knowledge of the Bible in the world, but guess what.. It doesn’t matter a bit how much you know, how scholarly you are, or how many stupid gold stars you have on your Sunday school chart until you live out what Christ said.

This rant goes for myself before anyone else; let’s clear that one up. Sitting here thinking about my life was really an eye opener. I’m no biblical scholar, but I know a bit, but what the heck does it matter until I do something with that? I’m tired of Christians taking the easy way out. I’m tired of me, myself, thinking, “Oh, well I do this, so that’s my fair share, right?” Yeah, no. False. We claim to be Christians, but then we won’t even do acts such as sitting beside someone we don’t know on a plane because it would make us uncomfortable (just to provide a random example). We call ourselves Christians, but we care more about a cause or a group than we do the people involved with it, to the point of trampling on people just to promote something “bigger & better.” As a Christian, I should NEVER be satisfied in how much I’m doing. Christ came and poured out all his blood on a cross for me and all the stupid, bone-headed things I do. I don’t think it’s enough for me to specify WHERE I choose to give my all. I can’t just give my all when I’m on a riser singing. I can’t just give my all when I’m in a chair playing my flute. That misses the point entirely. If anything, yeah, it’s cool that I do that, but I should be giving my all where it’s completely uncomfortable for me to do so. I don’t think the cross was too comfortable, so maybe I shouldn’t settle with where I’m comfortable. Every now & then this fire gets lit and I get TICKED at how I’ve lived my life. Now would be one of those times.

I have to wonder how comfortable it was for Moses to stand in front of Pharaoh and tell him to let a whole group of people go from his grasp. Probably not so comfortable considering he had a stuttering problem. I have to wonder if Abraham felt all sorts of warm, fuzzy feelings when he tied his son to an altar and prepared to sacrifice him. My gut tells me that he had issues with that one. To make things a little more present-day.. I have to wonder if the girl named Cassie from the Columbine High School massacre was completely calm when she said yes to believing in God.

Fact: Our belief in God should probably be putting us in situations that are, at the absolute VERY least, slightly uncomfortable. To be real, if we’re doing it right, it should probably make us UNFATHOMABLY uncomfortable at first. Granted, I understand we should probably follow our strengths in how we profess our commitment to Christ, but that doesn’t mean that we follow our comfort zones. Example: I’m studying church music. I’m going to be playing music in a church. Well hello. A tad comfortable for someone who has grown up in the church. But what can I do with music to be surrounded by people who don’t know Christ? Well hello.. There’s an entire secular music world out there. My dream, for those of you who don’t know, is to be a recording artist. It’s what I’ve wanted to do since I was about 4 years old. Some dreams never change. To be real, it’s been one of those things that everyone knew, but I would never say. I always thought it was kinda dumb to want to do that because, well, I realized I wasn’t exactly surrounded by opportunity. Fountain County. Yeeaaaaaah. Not exactly the land of opportunity for someone who’s aspiring to be a recording artist. People always told me I should go for American Idol in high school, but I knew one, I didn’t have the talent for it. Two, I didn’t have the persona for it. Three, it was unrealistic all the way around. It’s not my thing anyway. There are some PHENOMENAL singers who have been snubbed on American Idol. It’s all entertainment-based, not talent-based. Sure, talented people show up. They have to put some good people on there. But I don’t think the best have been given a fair shot. ANYWAY. The secular music world is absolute trash right now. Look at the music artists like Lady Gaga are putting out. The truly mind-boggling part of it? TONS of Christians are buying her music! I’m guilty! I have a song of hers on my iTunes. But I guess it’s just now hitting me that I’m not just supporting the music; I’m supporting the moral filth encompassing those songs. That’s fighting for the wrong side! I would love to be involved with the secular music world, just so I can produce songs that are positive and carry a meaningful message. Girls are bombarded with this disgusting idea that they have to be promiscuous in order to turn a guy’s head. They have it in their minds that being super skinny is the only way to be attractive, and that wearing skimpy clothes that show off EV-UH-REE-THING is the only way to dress. Guys seem to think that sleeping with numerous women is the cool thing to do. Being a complete jerk is impressive, according to much of the music out there. Drinking is what the in-people do. One-night stands are completely acceptable. I’ll end this portion of the rant here. The answer is no. I won’t support music like that. I don’t need to be cool. If it’s going to cost me my dignity, then I don’t need it.

So what does it look like to step outside your comfort zone and actually reach people for Christ? What does it look like to go somewhere COMPLETELY new and conquer new territory in Christ’s name? A good start would probably be some pretty viscous prayer. Ferocious, unapologetic, unabashed, unhinged, VISCOUS prayer. Not just for God to send workers, but for God to send workers where no one else will go, and for God to make ME one of those workers. Guys, there’s a battle going on. There’s a game that needs to be won. I didn’t spend years in church and youth group “training” (so to speak) just to sit on the sidelines now. I didn’t go through what I went through, the mountains and the valleys, just to sit back and let someone else do my job. You might be thinking I’m wasting my time sitting here writing this, and that’s true.. but I will say it’s past midnight. =P I know, excuses, excuses. I have some viscous prayer to be praying.

I mean it. Pray fearlessly. Pray like you WANT to be praying. Pray like it means something to you. Pray like you’re begging God to accomplish part of His will through a broken and desperate sinner who still doesn’t understand half this Jesus stuff, but is willing to go when he says the word. That’s what I can do at 12:18 AM..

Pray on friends. And pray viscously. Make Satan shudder.


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