Valentine’s Day Blind Date?! What?!

Wow.. What a semester thus far! It’s fantastic and absolutely horrendous all at the same time. I’m busier than ever and losing more sleep than I ever have!

I was finally able to make it to the doctor today. I’ve had some killer neck/upper back pain that’s caused some intense headaches lately. There’s a certain spot in between my shoulder blades that’s really been bothering me. Seeing Joe was nice. I can’t call him Doc Furr; that was his father. I called him Doc right before I left and it felt WEIRD. Anyway. I love going to him. Half the time we don’t talk about anything that has to do with my medical condition. Both of us are “cut the crap” kinda people, but we’re both still understanding people. AND HE KNOWS MUSIC!!!!! I feel like I have never met a redhead who wasn’t proficient in music itself or at least extremely knowledgeable about it. Joe’s in the middle of writing his own musical. Yeah. A doctor.. writing a musical. How often does that happen? =P We somehow wound up talking about relationships and how we’re total failures.. Ha! Like I said, I love to talk to him. We have a lot of the same viewpoints on things. Anyway.. hopefully everything he prescribed will take care of whatever is wrong. He gave me a shot of low-dose steroids, put me on low-dose Prednisone, the generic brand of Paxil, and one other drug (low-dose muscle relaxer). No, I’m not depressed or anything like that; all of this is supposed to help the stress levels and the pain going on in my neck/back. He said one of the main reasons for my headaches is the lack of sleep. He was actually kinda upset when I told him how little sleep I get. I know it’s completely unhealthy, but I have no option. Four to five hours is really all I can spare. Oh, but GREAT NEWS. I asked him if consuming tons of caffeine was causing anything, and he said no!! He actually recommends it as long as it’s in tea/coffee form. Pop is a no, but I drink maybe one a week and he was cool with that. He said a study came out last year that showed caffeine helps reduce the risk of cancer, works as a low-dose stimulant especially for students (obviously. we live off the stuff), and a few other things. I was REAL happy about that one. Anyway.. to wrap up what’s going on, if it doesn’t clear up within a month & a half I have to go back. I kinda hope it doesn’t just so I get to visit with Joe again. And to those of my friends who just made a dozen different assumptions, stop it. =P

Oh, story time with Hannah..
Reebok and I were sitting in the piazza eating dinner yesterday, just chatting away, and two random guys who we’d never seen before walked up to us and said, “Hi, um.. can we ask you kind of a random question?” My interest perked up instantly. =P They introduced themselves first. They were two PA’s (like an RA but with a little more clout I believe) from a dorm on Taylor’s campus. They then proceeded to tell us about how this dorm has a tradition and holds some kind of competition (like a dorm-wide game of tag? I can’t remember) every year right before Valentine’s Day. The top two winners get the privilege of taking out two single IWU girls on a blind date on Valentine’s Day, and it’s the PA’s job to find those two girls. So, after they explained, they said, “And if you two lovely ladies are single, we’d love for you to be the ‘prize’ for this competition.”  Well me being, well, me, instantly agreed. Reebok being the level-headed one she is asked the questions. =P We were both thinking the same things and I was EXTREMELY leery, but the thought of, “well, at least it will be a good story” kind of won out against the logical thinking this time. I know, I know. Pretty typical of me. So, after giving them our phone numbers, they told us that we would be called at midnight on Valentine’s Day (that would be the beginning of the day, not the end of it) by the two winners of the competition and the details would be worked out then, and then they’re taking us out later that evening. It’ll be a good story if nothing else. To be honest, I’m not looking for this to go any further than the blind date. It’s just a good time!

I’ve really been trying to keep to my commitment of spending daily, quality time with God every single day. Even if it’s right before I go to bed, I have to get it in. I’m starting to notice my hunger comes back the more I delve into the Word. That’s how it always works, but for some reason I allow other things to grab my attention. There’s a certain situation that’s been on my mind constantly for the past, oh, nearly seven years, and before I would always ask God “why” when things went wrong. I decided that’s the selfish thing to do and it’s completely pointless. I’ve been asking due to wanting my own knowledge. I’ve decided that when I don’t understand, I’m not going to ask questions. I’m just going to turn to God. I know that sounds so incredibly cliche and corny, but I’m not turning to find out why. I’m turning because it’s the only thing that ever equates to anything. Everything else is like a math problem that you can’t ever fully find the answer to, but when I turn to God it’s just different, y’know?

The biggest reality that’s hit me lately is you can’t know love without knowing sorrow. I’ll post that one later. But for now, I have to get some sleep.

Pray on friends.


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