“Oh, Canada!”

Well, it’s 1:30 AM. Canada Day is officially over. Allow me to explain why Canada Day gets its own blog…

The Canadians here are INTENSE about their partying on Canada Day. Of course the Christian ministry kids were invited.. The whole town is invited to the Canada Day party. Four kegs. GONE by 11:30. I didn’t get there til about 10:45. My friends (not the ACMNP team) were quite lit. I won’t lie; most of the night was pretty hilarious. I met some pretty …outgoing… individuals throughout the night. The rest of the ACMNP had a glass or two of beer. Totally cool; they’re all over 21. At one point, one of our Canadian friends came over and started pouring them all some margarita. Again, it’s cool. She offered me some and I, of course, refused. I’ve always said there’s no way I’ll drink before I’m 21. I’m totally against underage drinking. Well, after she left someone tried to give me a little. First thing outta my mouth, “Would you care if I tasted it?”

“Psh. No, go for it.”

I put the glass up to my lips and almost did it. I was very close. Then I remembered the pact I made with God. I couldn’t do it. I gave it back and he’s like, “Dude seriously. Not a big deal. Have a sip.” I had to continually fight it off. I’ve never been tempted to drink before tonight. Rest assured, I never did, but it was really strange to be tempted like that for once.

I was having a blast the whole night until the last twenty or so minutes I was there. First, I noticed a girl who was completely smashed trying her hardest to find the hottest guy she could so she could take him home with her. That didn’t rip my heart out the most. I expected to see that everywhere. What DID do it for me was when I saw a girl I work with completely drunk and completely stoned. As far as I know she’s never been one to drink to the point of being completely hammered, and she’s never said she likes pot. I’ve never seen someone so far gone. Her face had no color, she’d broken out in what had to have been a cold sweat (did I mention it’s only about 40 or so degrees tonight?), her eyes were blood shot beyond belief, and she could barely hold herself up. And man, were there a number of guys taking note of that. I’m half scared to death that she’s currently in bed with someone she doesn’t know, and that it wasn’t exactly her decision to wind up there if you know what I mean. I tried to talk to her a little bit, but she wasn’t even understanding anything I was saying. She was just laughing at the fact that all the guys kept saying her name. I should have just picked her up and dragged her off. Granted, I would have had a number of people after me, but still. I hate myself for not doing it.

I’ve heard it said a half a dozen times that most people come here to get away from everything for the summer. Most of the people here (mainly the 20-30 somethings) are here to leave the crap they have at home, and to have a good time for the summer. This typically means getting drunk more than once a week. There is so much hurt here. There is so much potential. It’s hard to keep that in mind, though, when so many people see the ACMNP kids as a joke. A lot of people, with a lot of problems, running away from a lot of things, chasing everything down with a lot of alcohol and other substances. This world needs a savior, but what do you do when no one wants one? Alcohol (in crazy-huge amounts) doesn’t save anyone. It creates more problems. People cover up all the pain they deal with something that will never do them any good. It’s so frustrating..

Some of you may be questioning the ACMNP kids going to bars and parties (yes, I can go to bars until a certain hour out here), but remember… Jesus didn’t come to save the ones who didn’t have problems. He came for the destitute, the weak, the hurting, the abused, the addicted, and most importantly, the sinner.

Pray on.


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