Give Me Your Eyes

I’m sure many of you know the song, “Give Me Your Eyes” by .. Brandon Heath I think (woo memory!). It’s starting to take on a new meaning in a little different way.

Obviously Heath is talking about wanting God’s eyes to see the world of hurt around him the way God does. As I was venting to God a few nights ago about a lot of personal frustrations, somehow the topic of marriage came up. Well that sent me spiraling into a completely different realm of frustration. And after a few minutes of listening to me rant, he said, “What about looking with MY eyes instead?”

Ouch. I’ve been looking and making judgement calls based on my own vision and what I think is best for me. Wroooong. That’s been the vast majority of my problem.. okay it’s been my ENTIRE problem.. I’ve been so busy looking for what I want instead of what’s best for me that I’ve totally missed God’s opinion in all of this.

I don’t know what it is about this place, but I keep learning/realizing new things. =P Maybe I really shouldn’t come home… =P Just kidding… kind of… =)

I have to preach this Sunday… ugh. Typically I wouldn’t have this attitude, but I just don’t feel like I’m in the greatest place to preach at the moment. Not because of lack of preparation, but more just what’s going on with me personally. I’m hoping God can still use a sinner.. Pray for me, please.

Work has picked up like CRAZY! I didn’t sit down for six hours yesterday. In a way it’s a good thing. The nights are going MUCH quicker than they did earlier this year.

We launched our Bible study this past Monday. Guess what.. we had ONE person show up and guess what.. :) It was a TOTAL God thing. The guy that showed up is really trying to get his life back on track (rough history) and really wants to know about this whole Christianity thing. I’ve never met someone with so little knowledge of the Bible and the religion as a whole, but it’s SUCH a great thing!!! Not only is he growing through it, but we as a team are being incredibly challenged. We have to put everything in very simple terms because of how new he is at this. I’m not sure any of us have ever had to be like this before, and it’s a FABULOUS learning experience for us. Pray for our new friend. He’s hungry, he’s searching, and he’s relying on us for a lot of answers. Pray that we get it right and that we speak God’s words to him. What an opportunity!

Speaking of work.. Gotta run.. Blah. =P

Pray on, friends!!


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