Blue skies shinin’ on me.. Nothin’ but blue skies do I see..

Montana is (and probably will be for the rest of the summer) absolutely glorious. No humidity, sunshine with occasional clouds, blue skies, warm… I keep having to pinch myself to see if I’ve died. I love Glacier!

Amy and I headed up to Polebridge on Sunday. It’s the smallest place in the world, not kidding. It has a mercantile which is home to a bakery that’s so wonderful it’s sinful (no, really). There’s an incredibly hickified tavern, and a lot of old Chevys & Fords. It actually looks more hick than home does! =) We tried finding two different trails that we wanted to hike, but we couldn’t find them…. Leave it to us.. =P

Preached last Sunday. Oh, check this out. This is fun.. So I woke up really early on Saturday to make a rockin’-awesome breakfast before work. I managed to make breakfast AND cook up lunch, and I still had time left. I was going to do all the dishes, but it was a little more than apparent that I needed some Jesus time. Grabbed the Bible & headed up to the lake. I started reading Ephesians 4 and SMACK!
“Hi, God. Oh, you want me to change my entire sermon within the next 24 hours? Oh okay. Cool. No problem.”
I did my sermon on unity in the body of Christ. It seemed to go pretty well. I wasn’t nervous or anything, but we all know me & public speaking. You could hand me a speech two minutes before putting me in front of millions of people and it wouldn’t bother me. It’s just talking. But anyway. I felt much better about speaking about unity and how sometimes tough love is what we need to grow, then I felt about what I’d originally planned. God’s cool. :)

I don’t find it to be a coincidence at all that here I am speaking about unity and then the next day there’s a small falling-out between myself and one of the guys on the team. No surprise at all. Satan’s starting to slowly try to bring tension into the team. We still have 6 weeks left with everyone, but only a few left with Dick & Virgean. Sad. :( They’re in their 70s and they went white water rafting with us. COME ON. =P They rock the party that rocks the party. For. Real. =)

Pray for Satan to get behind our team. He has no business here, and he will not stop us from doing the work of God. Prayer is always needed.

I’m at an interesting point personally. In fact, it’s really hard to describe. I’ve had some of the biggest struggles with sin this summer, yet I’ve never been so hungry for the word of God. Honestly, I think this is a very dangerous point to be at. It can cause a divide in personalities almost – life on the side of God, and the life I keep hidden. That’s been the danger – I haven’t been transparent with myself or my best friends back home when they ask how I’m doing. Sin always causes a numbness in my life. Being numb always makes me mad at God. At least this time I can SEE the cycle.. Self-discipline will be huge for the next few weeks! 2 Timothy 1:7!

I’ll (hopefully) get another update up tonight about the guy who started coming to our Bible study. Things are getting interesting…

Pray on friends!


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