Roughin’ It…

Well, the honeymoon phase has officially ended. Things between team members are pretty tense right now. We had a team meeting on Saturday evening to “get everything out on the table,” and I can guarantee you that not everything got out on the table. There’s still quite a bit to clear up. We’re aware that this is what Satan wants. Fighting it is difficult though when attitudes are negative and some have no will to improve them…

Something I’ve noticed that bothers me QUITE a bit is people making themselves out to be the victim. This seems to happen a TON with of people in my generation. We’re the victims. We want to be served, and we don’t want to work for it. Why? Because the world owes it to us. We get one little boo-boo and we think that’s grounds for being babied by our parents, our government, the church, our friends, and others for the rest of our lives. Disgusting. At what point did we turn away from hard work and decide that we should be handed everything? At what point did we decide it was okay to have a negative attitude about EVERYTHING and try to justify it and make excuses for it? My favorite answer I’ve heard thus far is, “Well, I see things differently than others. I think differently than other people.”

News flash: No two people think alike.

I can tell you why I react the way I do in certain situations. I could make a dozen excuses for walling myself off, shutting down, and keeping people out of my life. I could use the excuse, “It’s just my personality.” Right. It’s also in the serial killer’s “personality” to hack people to bits. It’s also in the child molester’s “personality” to sexually abuse children. Okay. Cool. I get it now. You’re totally justified in being as negative you please. Forget the fact that you live in a “free” (Obama doesn’t exactly scream “freedom” to me) country, have food on the table every night, have a roof over your head and people who care about you. Screw all that. What does that matter anyway? If you’re not being catered to, then dangit, you shouldn’t be happy!

I understand I’m not always Little Miss Sunshine. I’m completely aware. I’m not asking people to BE in a bright and cheery mood all the time. But if a negative attitude keeps others from seeing Jesus, shape up or ship out. Jesus never said following him would be easy. He said it would be worth it. He said he’d be right beside us through it all. When nonbelievers see negative attitudes, chances are they don’t really think, “Oh cool! A Christian with a bad attitude! I’m so glad we ran into each other!”

Rant over.
kind of.


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