“Jesus of Nazareth. King of the Jews.”

This is what was written on the sign that was placed above Jesus head on the cross. We overlook some of the elements of the crucifixion and fail to see their importance. I think this element had HUGE importance. This is inspired by Max Lucado’s book, “He Chose the Nails.” Fabulous book.

We overlook the detail that this was written in three different languages: Hebrew, Latin, and Greek. Hebrew: the language of religion. Latin: the language of the government. Greek: the language of the culture. So what do we see? On this sign, God literally says, “I will speak to you your language.”

Too often I find myself caught up in saying to God, “Please. You have to be loud on this one. You have to make it unmistakably clear to me. Answer me in a way I can’t deny.”

Why in the world would God do that? That isn’t my language. My language is pretty blunt honesty. The way that I best understand isn’t in some grandiose answer. It’s in a, “Hey stupid, shape up or ship out” fashion. God knows that’s what it takes to get through to me. Either that, or sheer brokenness. Either I have to be broken or come to a huge understanding of why God is broken over some decisions I make. It would be so pointless for him to speak to me in a language I wouldn’t understand, like philosophical realizations. I don’t speak that. I speak rather bluntly.

Furthermore, think about who penned this sign. Pilate, was it not? Proof that God can use whoever he wants to get the job done. Pilate’s hand penned the sign. A man who allowed Christ to be crucified, yet God used his hands to bring glory to him. Immediately after the sign is placed, the thief at Jesus’ side tells him to have mercy on him. The sign did its job. This man no doubt had read the sign…furthermore, he believed what it said. He didn’t read it as mockery. He read it as Truth.

God will speak your language if you let him. Don’t ask him to speak to you in a way that’s outside your dialect. He’ll always speak in a way you can understand. He knows you. He knows how many hairs are on your head. He won’t use a foreign language you’ve never even heard of. Let him speak your language. Listen for what you know best.

Pray on. :)

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