A Bucket List.

For as long as this idea of a “bucket list” has been around, I haven’t once made one. I’ve been mentally checking items off the list since the beginning of college. For example:

-Sing on the Hour of Power at the Crystal Cathedral. Check.
-Record a CD. Check. (Bet ya didn’t know that one, did ya? :) )
-Travel to Rome. Check. (And while I was at it, I sang at St. Peter’s Basilica, St. Mark’s, etc.)
-Visit the Colosseum. Check.
-Be in a group that pays to have me sing. Check.
-Go skydiving. Check…ish. I have the Groupon. Now to just schedule it. :)

What’s interesting is that I prayed about all of those things as a little girl (well, minus the skydiving). I vividly remember the day I decided that I WOULD sing at the Crystal Cathedral one day. I was watching the Hour of Power with my grandma before we left for church. For some reason, I just knew I wanted to see the place and sing there one day. Did I sing as a soloist? No. Even better.. I sang with Chorale. :) Same goes for Italy. The prayers prayed as a kid were answered. God didn’t drop them in my lap, though. I worked hard to make each of those things happen. I think that’s a further testimony to not only the power of prayer, but the importance of not sitting around and waiting for God to give you whatever you ask for.

But nonetheless, here’s an extremely far-fetched bucket list that I will be working on for the remainder of my life. :)

1. Do something (positive/life-affirming/good/right) in the name of God and justice that makes me known literally worldwide (perhaps this correlates rather directly with #10). Why do I want the worldwide recognition? Not for myself, but for the ability to say that God moved in a way that was so huge, it was known worldwide.

2. Visit Israel and walk the roads Jesus walked.

3. Sing the National Anthem for some sort of at least decently well-known sporting (or other major) event.

4. Have a chat with a current US president (preferably not THE current US president) and ask him how life’s treating him. And then proceed to find my way onto his cabinet (assuming he’s a good guy that I’d support)..or at least be the kind of person that makes him think, “I think I need to keep in contact with this loony tune!”

5. Love someone. Not the, “Aaaw, I love you so much!” sorta love. I’m talking about the love that commits itself totally and fully to someone, regardless of how much you wanna kick ’em in the head sometimes. The love that says, “I’m willing to do anything and everything, at any cost, to make sure you’re safe and taken care of.” The kind of love that never settles for just wanting the other person to be happy, but the love that drives me to make sure it’s a deep-seeded joy. A love that doesn’t settle into a routine, but continually strives to be deeper and better. A love that doesn’t give up, regardless of the caliber of mistake and heartache experienced. Lover or fighter? I think love has to be fought for on all accounts. You don’t get love without a fight. Lovers have to be fighters.

6. Inspire people. Not through speaking with a silver tongue, or winning something that will eventually fade into a memory or anything like that. I want people to look at my life and be inspired to do something awesome for the sake of someone else. That’s what I want to do. Maybe it’s donating a kidney or something. Maybe it’s refusing to back down away from my morals. I just want a world full of people who are indifferent passion to see someone live who refuses to settle for good or decent when extraordinary is possible, if the extra work is put in.

7. Represent the USA in Olympic shooting, set a world record, and walk away with a gold medal.

8. Own a crazy-awesome Les Baer.

9. Write a song that’s remembered for years to come.

10. Have a Peter-in-front-of-the-Sanhedrin moment with the Senate, House of Representatives, Supreme Court, etc. defending liberty, the Constitution, and the Christian morals this country was founded on and reprimand the living daylights out of the people who have blatantly and carelessly tried to do away with all of this.

11 (Sorry, have to throw in one more). Go to a Top 10 law school and get my rear end to Washington and get this country back to what it should be.

12 (okay just ONE more). At least go through the whole Ironman shooting obstacle course (no sense in competing – I’d get my butt handed to me).


Honestly, I look at all of those and think, “That’s totally do-able.. It’ll just take a ton of work.” I think too often we tell kids to dream so huge that they can’t conceivably reach what it is they’re wanting to do. Encouraging a kid who has the genetics to top out at 5’6″ with zero athletic talent to go for the NBA when the rest of the world knows it’s impossible is, sorry, stupid. It’s far different than encouraging a kid who comes from the ghetto who stands 6’4″, can shoot like it’s his job, has a terrible family and financial background, but has the strongest work ethic you’ve ever seen. If any of the items I’ve listed are far-fetched, they’d be 4, 7, and 9. Four because, well, hello. Getting access to the president of the United States is probably the hardest thing to do. Seven because I’m just not sure I’ll ever have the time to train for the Olympics (although I’m convinced that I have what it takes to make it there for shooting). Nine because I’m a terrible song writer. But quite frankly, I think I can manage the rest (and those three) with a ton of hard work and perseverance.

So what about you? What crazy & outlandish things do you wanna do that are still within your reach when considering how God has wired you in regards to your strengths and talents? Work your butt off. It’ll be worth it.


Pray. Seek. Do.

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One thought on “A Bucket List.

  1. Steve L says:

    Regarding #1: You may have already done it. The worldwide recognition may not come until later.

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